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Pictures by Marianne Klausberger. All rights reserved. Please contact me, before you use pictures or texts from this blog.

The pictures have been collated based on colours and fit and thus won’t appear in a strictly chronological order. If there are any questions on the pictures, if they appear confusing, please let me know.  Quite a few pictures were altered, sharpened, Saturation/Lighting adjusted, Labels on Clothing removed, etc.

The pictures give a selective view: You see the manual labour, but you don’t see the tractor going through to do the spraying or digging through the ground. The vintner who does it says ‘he does not want to be on TV’, plus, we don’t tend to be there for that. You could see the close up of a illness-ridden grape here as an attempt to appear visually balanced, but I just thought it looked beautiful in its own way.

Video (under Home) by Jon Schaider. All rights reserved. Please contact us, before you re-use it. Music in the video used under an unlimited non-exclusive license from


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