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This section tends to be called ‘About’, but it’s been renamed in honour of our friends’ almost-three-year-olds who enjoy playing the ‘what’s-this-who’s-that’-game.

So, well, who is this? I, Marianne Klausberger, am a lawyer in my day job. Hence, I like the rules that govern what molecules end up on your tongues. I started this blog because I was struck by the visual beauty of every step involved in grooming the grapes and making wine; but also by the different convictions I encounter: after one conversation you’re absolutely convinced the vineyard’s ground should be green. Then ten minutes later another expert has converted you to ploughing it up. This is not so different from my day job. I even have a T-Shirt dedicated to the difficulty of sticking to one’s guns in midst ever changing convictions: it reads ‘Easily Influenced’.

The other suspect(s) for the grape production and wine making is/are:

Nick Tjaardstra has had to apply his project management, digital media and clowning skills to bluffing his way through conversations that would be highly informative, if only he had a degree in the local dialect. He is very thankful to youtube-posting Californian vintners that have saved our grapes from any radical new haircuts. He prefers malic acid (Apfelsaeure) to citric acid (Zitronensaeure). And when he pronounces “Entblaettern”…

Part of the original adventurous ” Three” was Jon Schaider who comes from a different media side, he edits TV and films. He has gathered enough material on the vineyard work of all three of us to make it look like we are not just there to give the parrot an outing. When the weeds stop growing (or stop being relevant for a while), we might be able to put some clips onto this page (Jon’s video can now be found here, we love it!). For one of his favourite steps in the vineyard, see below. He is also responsible for giving our first wine a fabulous label.

The Parrot“, by now refers to TWO, “Marzipan” and “Erbse” are two male caiques (Rostkaeppchen). They love surfing through the vine leaves (be it upside down), and thanks to the “Aviator Harness”, we stay cool. Their involvement in the venture is unlikely to expand, – any input on the finished product and the wine would taste of nothing else but walnuts.

Green Feather Wine in figures: 906388  (this is not the number of grapes; it’s the registration number for our wine production in Rheinhessen, Germany. Possibly too many numbers for just 750m2 of Silvaner grapes in Nackenheim). 28/234/29364 (this is the tax registration in Mainz, Green Feather Wine, Marianne Klausberger/Nick Tjaardstra.  What you are currently drinking is likely to be (distributed) by STK GbR, Schaider, Tjaardstra, Klausberger).

For the legal bits see Other.

Weinlese Ernte Bottich Jon Papagei

taking the fence up for grapes to grow on

wine harvest grapes machine

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  1. Hi Marianne,
    Hi Nick,

    Thank you indeed for a very pleasant day in the sun and in your company.

    From what I can remember about the Sylvaner is that you have a unique variety on your hands and I wish you all the luck you deserve to produce an excellent Green Feather style of wine.

    Take care,


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