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Klick hier, wenn du lieber auf Deutsch liest.

We try to make wine. It’s that simple. We are novices, although the parrot can spot a good grape from miles away.

We have lots of conversations.  We get to admire what others have achieved in this field.  We are grateful for the know-how they are prepared to share with us.  But our intuition is also to question things such as chemicals used in traditional vineyards and look for alternatives.  If you count the vintners around us, I am sure there are just as many convictions as to what the ‘right way’ is, on treating the ground, the grapes, the insects, etc.

So, is the ‘human factor’ the biggest ingredient in making wine, bigger than the yeast and the type of grape?  If the grapes have been groomed for 13 years in, say, the pony-tail style, – is it possible to suddenly switch to a fringe?  We discover new aspects of this versatility that our vineyard demands from us every time we go there (that’s usually a weekend) and look forward to sharing this in this blog.

traubensaft kommt bei presse raus wein

parrot vineyard thermosflask busy working cutting binding

press metal grapes clean

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  1. Hello Marianne and Nick, I just read the article about you in the AZ. Wonderful, congratulations! Die you Know that there is another Mini-Winzer in Mainz/Nackenheim. Check this out: Viele Grüße and keep on winzering….. Thorsten


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